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Building Procedure

Welcome to building and construction strong RED TAPE costs which face all prospective owners, clients and builders in our regulated industry

Unfortunately, we don’t set the documentation rules.

The costs cover not only Consultants documents and drawings but also Local Government (Council) and Building Commission WA documentation requirements.

Generally, all Local Government require a 2-stage process:

Stage 1 Planning Approval
Planning approval requires submission of a site plan and architectural conceptual/general drawings only.
Planning approval is then granted based on compliance with the Council Planning policies for things such as; intended use, occupancy, setbacks, height, car and population density, etc, etc.
A fee to Council is payable for this.
This is NOT a building permit and does not authorise construction.

Once you have a Council Planning Approval letter you need to go back a second time to obtain a building permit.
Planning approval is not the end of it.


Stage 2 Building Permit
To obtain a building permit you will generally need to provide the following documentation to Council.

  1. Council Planning Approval letter
  2. Building Commission Forms
    1. BA20 Consent for Encroachment
    2. BA3 Certificate of Design Compliance
    3. BA1 Certified Build application
  3. Full detailed architectural drawings including elevations, sections and details.
  4. Structural Engineers drawings certified
  5. Energy Audit
  6. Termite certification
  7. Other as may be advised
The building permit process is mandatory as required by the Building Commission of WA and Council will not issue permits unless the relevant documents are submitted. The Building Permit documentation ensures that the proposed development meets the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and the National Construction Code (NCC)


While this may appear difficult, these are the current policies under which the industry must work.

We hope the explanation is clear enough.
Let us know if you need more or call if you just want to discuss any aspect.





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